Like gambling but hate losing?

Well we all hate that. Gambling is for mugs at the end of the day. The bookies have it tilted in their favour everytime. Long term it is impossible to come out on top unless you hit a massive win. Over time the bookie will make money from you, it’s just the way the maths work of the bets they offer.

But there is a solution to this. You can make money from bookies and online betting accounts. You do this by matched betting. This is process of laying off every bet you make to make a profit no matter what the outcome. It works by taking advantage of the free offers given out by all bookies to keep the mug punters coming back for more. You know the ones – place a £25 bet and we’ll give you a free £10 bet. Real bargain right…yeah except when both bets lose and the bookie has all your money as per usual.

Well no more. It’s time to hit back with matched betting! It’s fairly simple but it does take time to learn so I suggest you sign up for a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey to get you started.

Once you know the ropes you can just keep making money every single day. How does an extra grand a month sound? Pretty good to anyone I would imagine. This may not last forever as it is becoming insanely popular so I would suggest getting involved as soon as phyically possible while there is good money to be made. The bookies are bound to clamp down on this soon but at the moment it is a gold mine.

We have been matched betting for a year now and have made around £12,000 in that time. That is insane and a life changing sum of money to most people. It certainly was to us. We want you to feel how we do as well. Let us know if you try it out and if you have some great success – you can’t fail!


Onsite spray painting for business

On site paint spraying is a coveted skill in the ever evolving world of industry. Having a business that looks good as well as performs well is now essential. Online businesses are obviously exempt from this requirement but once they reach a certain size even they should be looking at having smart premises. Finding the right company is always difficult. You need someone you can trust as it can be expensive and you want the best job for your money.

I used a company called Spray Clad and I would recommend them to anyone. The first thing you expect from these types of companies is to be able to advise you on what you need. I am not a cladding expert so I needed advice from a professional. They were exactly what I needed. Shop front spraying companies are becoming a lot more common as the industry in UK grows and local industry starts to focus on being the best in the face of Brexit.

If the UK continues on its current trend it will be a leading nation for industry by 2020. Interestingly this will support much smaller companies as the big ones thrive. Big players hire the little local guys to do the grunt work for them so everyone can benefit from the boom. However when ever anything booms competition grows and then every little bit counts to be in front of your rivals.

So the first thing a customer may judge a business on is the premises in which they reside. Even if you are a small unit you never know when a big fish may come calling looking for you to step up and help them out with your specialty. So when they turn up at your offices and see it’s a completecurcon-intelligentbuildings-1728x800_c dump they are probably going to turn around and walk away again. Don’t let this happen, be one step ahead and look like the professional outfit you are. Present yourself as your carry out business. Show your best side at all times as that big contract may just be around the corner.

I had my building totally revamped. I had the roof sprayed, the cladding repaired and painted. I also had the inside floor coated. This helps prevent dust and just makes the place look smarter. Remember people will come inside as well as look at the outside if they come for a meeting or discussion.